Saturday 7th January 2017
Hatepe Seagull Caper, Taupo, NZ

Hosted at Hatepe on the first Saturday of January each year.
If the lake is rough, we race in the river in heats.  Short laps two boats in each heat until we boil it down to the fastest boat and gull.

Contact via the Hatepe Residents Facebook page.

Weekend Late January / Early February 2017
Ascent of the Wanganui, NZ

Possible dates incl Wellington Anniversary or Waitangi weekend
Starting at Wanganui travelling upstream to Pipiriki.
Campsites incl motorcamp at Aramaho, DOC shelter at Pipiriki, Jerusalem quarry
A one way trip, so you’ll need a roadcrew.
river levels are likely drop in February due to usual seasonal variation.
Initial thoughts are to travel as a group using light tinnys or RIB’s capable of planning 15Kts+.
Cellphone coverage is limited so VHF reccomended
Minimum equiptment incl oars, lifejackets, towrope, bailer
Strictly speaking this is not a Seagull adventure, However, this is an excellent opportunity for reconnaissance & planning a later seagull adventure descending the river

Registrations of interest to Jim Taylor 04 9049904 or 021 1477146

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