Queen’s Birthday Weekend, Sat 30th May ~ Mon 1st June 2015
Lower Wanganui River. NZ.

A spectacular scenic trip down the Wanganui River.
Starting at Jerusalem. Ending at the motorcamp at Wanganui.
A distance of some 71km (38Nm)

~~Logistical Plan~~
Saturday; arrive at Jerusalem. Unload the boats & overnight camping gear. Next drive vehicle & trailer to the motorcamp. They will provide parking. There’s a shuttle van that’ll take us from the motorcamp back to Jerusalem. They can take a max of 10x people, so only 1x person from each boat please. You’ll need $10 donation per person for the shuttle van service. Camp overnight at Jerusalem (or a short way down the river).
Sunday; Launching 8:30am. Travel down the river. Stop occasionally to regroup, & for tea breaks, & for points of interest. Arrive at the Wanganui motorcamp late in the day. The boat ramp is right at the motorcamp. Maybe see if we can organise a BBQ or similar. Suggest camping overnight at the motorcamp to support their assistance with parking & such.
Monday; Travel home

Motorcamp website www.wriver.co.nz for accommodation bookings
For land based logistics contact Rex Email: rexcharlton[at]gmail[dot]com

It is the sole responsibility of the skipper to ensure the seaworthiness of his/her boat and the safety of the crew and passengers whether afloat or ashore. It must be the skipper’s decision whether or not to undertake voyage having assessed all potential hazards, including the weather conditions, the boat, the risks & nature of the waterway, the experience and competence of skipper & of crew. Nothing done by any co-ordinator or anyone helping with the voyage will relieve the skipper of these responsibilities.


13th June (Rain Date 20th June) 2015
Annual Round the Island Seagull Race. Bermuda

As far as we know, Bermudas first organized Seagull race was in 1969, when two locals, “Ghost” and “Skeets” got into a heated argument over who had the fastest dinghy. It was decided that a fair race around the island should be run, with both boats powered by British Seagull engines. History does not reveal who won, but the idea of racing in small boats powered by Seagull outboards appealed to many and Seagull racing caught on, with the main event being the annual ‘Round the Island Seagull Race ever since.

Sign up Wednesday 10th June 2015 6:00 to 7:30 at Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant
Entry fee $70 per person – includes T shirts and BBQ dinner.
Start at 8:00. The venue is Spanish point Boat Club.
Route anti-clockwise around Bermuda (42 miles)

Enquiries to Martine: Ph 298-1220 or email martine.purssell@law.bm
NZ contact is ‘JC’ 09 235 9913 Auckland or email: sandspitmotor@xtra.co.nz
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Previously 2014
Queens Birthday CYA Riverhead Cruise, Hobsonville, NZ

There is a classic launch fun rally up to the riverhead pub this coming Monday. I know it’s really short notice, but the classic launch guys have invited the seagull racers who are keen to come along for the trip. Not a race or anything, just a social cruise. We were going to launch from Hobsonville  point at 8:30am and join the launch fleet on their way up to river head. They have booked out the pub for brunch and we’re invited also.

Please rsvp by return email direct to Barbara Cooke dbcooke@ihug.co.nz


Brass Monkey Winter Harbour Cruise, Portobello, Dunedin. NZ

Kick-off around 10:30am from Back Beach.
Will have a look at the forecast on Friday night and follow up with an email.

Contact Graham Innes 03 472 8143, or, Bryan Fisher 03 471 0449, or,
Kevin Hislop 03 472 8806 H, or, John Dale 03 489 3377 johndale@clear.net.nz


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