Rain Date 25th June 2016
Annual Heineken Round the Island Seagull race. Bermuda

As far as we know, Bermudas first organized Seagull race was in 1969, when two locals, “Ghost” and “Skeets” got into a heated argument over who had the fastest dinghy. It was decided that a fair race around the island should be run, with both boats powered by British Seagull engines. History does not reveal who won, but the idea of racing in small boats powered by Seagull outboards appealed to many and Seagull racing caught on, with the main event being the annual ‘Round the Island Seagull Race ever since.

It is with sadness that the committee have decided to move the race to the rain date of next week. Come what may – there will be a race next week even if the weather is rough – it will be a different course but similar length. The windows of possible weather patterns kept changing – now with forecast winds of 12 – 18knots – and it looks as if it would have been rainy/thundery with South Shore being very sloppy after this front going through. As only one racing boat is equipped with a cabin/AC/curtains etc (!!!)  – in fairness to the rest of the fleet, crash boats and the more inexperienced crews – we are using the rain date – for what it is meant to be…. Hopefully a better weather day..!!!!

Sign up 6:00 to 7:30 15th June at Robin Hood Pub & Restaurant
Entry fee $70 per person – includes T shirts and BBQ dinner.
Start at 8:00. The venue is Spanish point Boat Club.
Route anti-clockwise around Bermuda (42 miles)

Enquiries to Martine: Ph 298-1220 or email martine.purssell@law.bm
NZ contact is ‘JC’ 09 235 9913 Auckland or email: sandspitmotor@xtra.co.nz
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